Transforming forestry and agricultural commodity sectors


We support companies and smallholder groups in the oil palm, cocoa, rubber and forestry sectors to put responsible production and sourcing commitments into action.

We do this by clearly identifying the challenges of geographically specific socio–cultural and economic conditions, and breaking down the complexities of sustainability standards and commitments.

We have supported many companies in Africa to deliver their commitments, including reducing deforestation through HCV-HCSA assessments and by achieving RSPO certification.

By supporting multi-stakeholder initiatives and processes, we provide a neutral platform for stakeholders to agree on shared goals and align activities for maximum impact.

Our unique approach has led to us supporting the Accountability Framework, RSPO National Interpretations, Ghana Cocoa Forest REDD+ Programme and the Tropical Forest Alliance Africa Palm Oil Initiative.

To effectively implement responsible practices, it’s important to address the capacity needs of all involved.

That’s why we provide generic and bespoke training and capacity building measures for the public and private sector and civil society organisations.

This includes understanding FLEGT VPA, HCV-HCSA, FSC and RSPO sustainability certification requirements.

Our flagship Africa Practitioners’ Network has greatly enhanced a pool of practitioners’ and smallholders’ capacity to understand and implement sustainability requirements.

  • Sudcam and Hevecam (Corrie MacColl)
    Sudcam and Hevecam (Corrie MacColl)
  • Ghana Rubber Estates Limited (GREL)
    Ghana Rubber Estates Limited (GREL)
  • SIAT
  • Okomu Oil Palm Plantation (SOCFIN)
    Okomu Oil Palm Plantation (SOCFIN)
  • Twifo Oil Palm Plantation (TOPP)
    Twifo Oil Palm Plantation (TOPP)
  • Biase Plantations (Wilmar)
    Biase Plantations (Wilmar)
  • BOPP
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