Connecting practical on-the-ground experience to companies around the world 


We have long-term partnerships with many traders, manufacturers and retailers across Europe and North America.

We work closely with them to develop commitments, understand their supply chains, engage with their suppliers and implement actions on sustainability within and beyond their supply chains. 

Through both consultancy projects and donor-funded programmes, we support international collaborative efforts on sustainability in agricultural commodity production and sourcing.

We convene global initiatives like the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) Forest Positive Coalition of Action, which brings downstream supply chain companies together to take action on responsible production and sourcing across palm oil, soy, pulp, paper and packaging. 

We bring on-the-ground experience together with our in-depth knowledge of voluntary standards systems to help organisations like RSPO, ISEAL, IUCN and Rainforest Alliance improve their systems. 

We use our practical experiences from around the world to guide training courses, workshops and online resources.

Our regional and international teams play an active role in creating innovative tools and processes which can be shared across the wider Proforest group. 

  • Landscale
  • The Accountability Framework Initiative (Afi)
    The Accountability Framework Initiative (Afi)
  • IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative
    IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative
  • Nestlé