IMG: Ángela Ricaurte, Human Rights and Livelihoods Specialist.

Ángela Ricaurte

Human Rights and Livelihoods Specialist

Angela is a sociologist with master’s degree on Environmental Management with more than seven years’ experience in sustainable development project management, sustainable productive landscapes, risk reduction and adaptation to climate change, also in the application of different international organizations´ safeguard policies, including the World Bank and UNDP´s environmental and social standards. She has built capacity on human and labour rights of workers and local communities within the production of agricultural commodities. 

Angela, a Colombian national, facilitated participatory strategic planning processes in the application of REDD+ (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) at subnational level in Mexico, where she lives now.

During her professional career she has worked with governmental organizations, companies, and communities in the agricultural and forest sectors, specifically in cocoa, coffee, and palm oil.   


Categories: Technical, Latin America