IMG: Anna Davidsen, Project Manager

Anna Davidsen

Project Manager

Anna has worked in a few areas within sustainability more broadly, but is truly interested in the intersection of environmental and social sustainability in agri-food value chains, spanning topics like deforestation, land-use change and socio-economic development.

Prior to joining Proforest, Anna worked in the recycling industry at TerraCycle, and had fixed-term positions in sustainability consultancies in Denmark (Sustainia) and Brazil (WayCarbon) while she completed her master's degree. At Sustainia, Anna focused on sustainability reporting frameworks like SBTs, GRI, TCFD, SASB and the new ESRS for large energy and telecommunications clients. At WayCarbon, she worked with forestry and carbon related projects within the Brazilian agribusiness sector. She holds a master's in Agricultural Development from the University of Copenhagen, where she focused on the socioeconomics of deforestation and development in the Brazilian Legal Amazon. 

Categories: Technical, Europe