IMG: Héloïse d'Huart, Senior Project Manager.

Héloïse d'Huart

Principal Project Manager

Héloïse d'Huart has 15 years of experience in responsible natural resources management and production, including forest management; sourcing and production of tropical agricultural commodities such as palm oil, natural rubber, cocoa, pulp and paper; community rights and development. She has strong project management skills and a positive solution-driven mindset to help organisations impact positively on their environment. Héloïse has had extensive field experience in South-East Asia and Central Africa, with not-for-profit organisations as well as businesses and governmental agencies.

Prior to joining Proforest, Héloïse worked as a member manager for Earthworm Foundation (previously known as TFT) leading and coordinating the development and implementation of responsible sourcing and production policies for brands and producing companies. Héloïse has also worked as an environmental and social impact assessor as well as an FSC FM lead auditor, trainer and implementer.

She speaks French and English.

Categories: Technical, Europe