IMG: Soledad Ruiz Peñuela, Assistant Project Manager.

Soledad Ruiz Peñuela

Assistant Project Manager

Since obtaining a BSc on Biology, Sol’s background has been always closely linked with natural sciences. Holding two MSc (“Conservation, Management, and Restoration of Biodiversity”, and “Sustainable Science, Policy and Society”) she has touched upon multiple disciplines and branches, making her a versatile professional. This has allowed her to gain insight into environmental issues both from the point of view of nature and of society.

She started her career as an environmental technician intern with focus on endangered plant species, which led her into academic research at the university level with focus on plant pollen and atmospheric dynamics. After that stage of her professional life, she steered towards sustainability. She has been a Project Assistant at the Green Office of the University of Maastricht aiming to promote student-led sustainability projects. Additionally, she has also been a Sustainability Consultant in relation with the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) and business compliance. Her last working experience before joining Proforest was Sustainability Analyst in a AI start-up developing a Nature-based solution policy tracker (AI), which has increased her interest in environmental policy.

Categories: Technical, Europe