The Proforest Group

We manage grant-funded programmes through our charitable Proforest Initiatives in the UK, Africa and Brazil, and we provide consultancy services through our companies.

The value of our approach

The combination of our grant-funded programmes with client-funded consultancy services is fundamental to the way Proforest works and the value we can bring to all parties. We use our understanding of production and supply chain activities built through working with companies to inform our work with governments, landscapes and sectoral initiatives, to align company ambitions to the reality of implementation on the ground. Conversely, our programmes enable a longer-term engagement that can build a supportive environment where companies can engage with other stakeholders or collaborate with each other to scale impact.

Proforest was founded in 2000 and now employs more than 100 staff based in 17 countries. The group operates through eight offices including our three non-profit Proforest Initiatives below.