Proforest Initiative Brazil

Having a presence in Brazil has allowed us to provide continuous support to companies, sustainability initiatives, government departments, and civil society organisations in Brazil and other Latin American countries. It has also meant we can help our international clients roll out their global policies on the ground in the region. 

Our team includes specialists in forest management, soy, beef, palm oil and sugar supply chains, conservation and sustainability initiatives, and certification. Team members have extensive work experience in Latin America and internationally, and we can work in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

How is Proforest Brazil governed?

Proforest Brazil is registered as a non-profit organisation (Associação Civil sem fins lucrativos) with the name Associação de Pesquisa e Educação Proforest do Brasil (CNPJ Registration number 17.493.676/0001-67).

Proforest Brazil’s 4 trustees provide oversight and direction to the organisation.

Our trustees

Our trustees help Proforest achieve the implementation of our strategic plan and ensure efficient management of the organisation.

  • Cristina Yumie Aoki Inoue
  • Nadia Cristiane de Almeida Tavares Goodman
  • Cristina Galvão Alves
  • Mauricio de Almeida Voivodic