17 outubro 2017

Mobile app and dashboard for the field-tested Simplified HCV Approach


Aplicación móvil y panel de control para el Enfoque Simplificado de AVC probado en campo

The RSPO has commissioned new work for the development of a Simplified HCV Approach for Independent Smallholders, supported by an application and dashboard, to facilitate smallholders' compliance with RSPO Criterion 5.2 on Existing Plantations and 7.3 on New Plantations. This risk-based approach requires different procedures, depending on the risk of harm to HCV 1-3.

Smallholder Group Managers can complete basic questionnaires by themselves using a mobile app, without an independent assessor. The risk of HCV harm is determined automatically by the app. Additional independent review or third party HCV assessment would only be required in higher risk situations. 

Read the full story on the SHARP website.