Vision and strategy

To support the transition to agriculture commodity production and sourcing that delivers positive social and environmental outcomes for people and the planet. 

Agricultural and forest commodities such as soy, sugar, palm oil, timber, pulp and paper, beef, rubber, cocoa and coconut are essential in providing the food, feed and fibre needed for a growing global population. 

Proforest believes that agricultural commodity production can and should deliver positive outcomes in the places where commodities are produced. We highlight eight environmental and social outcomes that provide the direction for all our work. 

These include respecting human rights, advancing gender equality, climate change resilience, protecting and restoring forests and natural ecosystems, conserving biodiversity and securing local development. 

By supporting companies and others to implement their environmental and social commitments, Proforest helps to transform sectors and contributes towards several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

É por isso que apoiamos empresas, governments and civil society to make the transition to melhores prácticas de produção.

Acreditamos que a colaboração entre empresas e outras partes interessadas é essencial para gerar mudanças reais in loco

É necessária uma ação dentro e fora das cadeias de fornecimento, por isso tornamos nossa abordagem ACRES central para nosso suporte às empresas.


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