21 November 2022

Gender and Social inclusion in Production Landscapes

Gender and Social inclusion in Production Landscapes

Proforest considers gender and social inclusion as an important aspect of our landscape work and believes that the “management and use of natural resources are gendered”. Through our landscape initiatives, we recognise that different women and men have different roles, responsibilities, opportunities and access to information, resources, and power, and can be differently affected by implementation of landscape initiatives. By understanding the gender issues at the landscape level, we can better understand the natural resource management dynamics we seek to influence and avoid inadvertently excluding or discriminating against women or men. It will also help us to avoid making incorrect assumptions – that everyone can participate in, influence, or benefit equally from interventions. Identifying the issues/barriers that exist to women’s and men’s full participation in activities and decision making will help effective gender and social inclusion in the Asunafo-Asutifi Landscape initiative.

Categories: Gender, Landscape Approaches, Africa

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