30 April 2015

Legal compliance and zero deforestation initiatives Brazil

Legal compliance and zero deforestation initiatives Brazil

In Brazil various initiatives are dedicated to assessing environmental and other risks associated with commodity production, while a number of other initiatives seek to mitigate those risks. These voluntary initiatives are dispersed and often unknown to the private sector. 

Companies urgently need a set of tools to help them to meet the Brazil Forest Code and implement their zero deforestation commitments.

The study and accompanying spreadsheet provides a survey of 73 tools and initiatives, including:

  • Mapping and monitoring initiatives that help companies to identify and analyse the risk of deforestation in particular regions, and
  • Public and private initiatives that could help them mitigate of the risk of deforestation in each region.

This report is an intermediate product. In a further stage, the project will develop an open, online platform to present the initiatives through a geographical information tool, and support their use across Brazil to help eliminate deforestation from Brazilian agriculture and forestry commodity chains.

Categories: Responsible Sourcing & Production, Latin America

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