16 March 2018

RSPO & RSPO Next in Ghana: Guidance for Producers

RSPO & RSPO Next in Ghana: Guidance for Producers

Proforest I Bentsi-Enchill, Letsa & Ankomah

This document is a summary of the outcomes the RSPO Legal Benchmarking in Ghana undertaken under the Africa Legality Programme. It seeks to help private sector companies in the agriculture commodity sector to understand the extent to which the laws in Ghana deliver on the RSPO Standard.

It also includes recommendations on how RSPO and RSPO Next may be strengthened to collectively work towards a sustainable of deforestation-free supply chain. 

Proforest's Africa Legality Programme is supported by the UK Department for International Development's Forest Governance, Markets and Climate Programme.

Categories: Responsible Sourcing & Production, Africa, Palm oil

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