24 May 2023

RSPO P&C Lead Auditor Course (Guatemala)


RSPO P&C Lead Auditor Course (Guatemala)

Date: August 21st to 25th, 2023 | Location: Guatemala City (Guatemala), Hilton Garden Inn | Complete Course Brief

This 5-day RSPO-endorsed course provides lead auditors and other participants with an in-depth knowledge of the RSPO Principles and Criteria standard and its implementation. The course focuses on the application of the RSPO Certification Systems and audit practice requirements to ensure consistent and appropriate audit decision making.

RSPO P&C Lead Auditor Course (5-day course)

  • Early-bird fee: USD 1,300 (until 30 June, 2023
  • Regular fee: USD 1,500 (1 July, 2023 onwards)

RSPO P&C Refresher (3-day course): Regular fee USD 800

  • Maximum number of delegates: 30 people
  • Deadline for registration: July 31st, 2023
  • If any deductions are necessary, such as withholding taxes, these will be added to the amount payable.

Led by expert tutors endorsed by the RSPO, attendees will address the following topics:

  • Social issues within the RSPO P&C, the concept of Free, Prior and Informed Consent and labor issues;
  • Environmental criteria and requirements for palm oil plantations;
  • HCV and biodiversity in existing plantations and future expansions;
  • Supply chain systems and requirements for the chain of custody in palm oil mills;
  • Practical audit exercise in a palm oil mill and oil palm plantations.

Course registration includes:

  • Theoretical and practical sessions with expert tutors internationally recognised as auditors of the standard
  • Access to the Proforest online training platform
  • Materials
  • Written exam
  • Certificate of participation
  • RSPO-endorsed Lead Auditor Certificate*
  • Transportation expenses for the field trip
  • Coffee bar and lunch during the days of the course
    *Upon successful completion of the course and approval of written exam.

Registration procedure:

  1. Applicants must complete the registration form, available at: https://forms.office.com/e/LZSmycGc8p
  2. After filling-in the registration form, applicants must submit the following documents:
    • Curriculum vitae, highlighting previous auditing experience or knowledge on the RSPO standard and its application (up to 2 pages);
    • Cover letter, explaining their interest in participating in this course and how they will apply lessons learned in real life (1 page);
    • Life insurance certificate.
  3. Selected applicants will receive an e-mail with the necessary information to complete payment.
  4. Once the registration fee has been paid, applicants must send proof of payment.
  5. Applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail, validating their effective enrollment in the course.

For further information please contact:
leonardo.paipilla@proforest.net or bbolanos@scsglobalservices.com