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Proforest Academy is our online learning platform where you can find a series of free introductory courses, thematic deep-dives and certified training across our work in responsible sourcing and production. You can register here to explore our current courses and keep up to date with new training resources and upcoming events.


Downstream Company Engagement in Landscapes

20 July 2023

This course offers an introduction to the process of engaging in Landscape/Jurisdictional initiatives, based on Proforest's experience and lessons learned from our work within production landscapes. It is designed principally for...

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[Français] Protéger les HVC dans les paysages

1 June 2023

L’approche fondée sur les Hautes Valeurs de Conservation (HVC) est un outil en trois étapes visant à assurer l’identification, la gestion et le suivi des valeurs biologiques, écologiques, sociales et culturelles importantes et...

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[Español] Protección de AVC en paisajes

1 June 2023

El Enfoque de Altos Valores de Conservación (AVC) es una herramienta de tres pasos para identificar, gestionar y monitorear los valores biológicos, ecológicos, sociales y culturales sobresalientes en los paisajes productivos....

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Introduction to Responsible Business

27 March 2023

Level: Introductory. Duration of course: 2 hours. "Our company produces quality products and services competitively - that creates jobs and supports the local economy; so that's already positive. Why should we do more?" "Aren't...

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An Introduction to Safeguarding

2 February 2023

In this mandatory introductory course to Safeguarding, you will learn about the definitions and core commitments of Safeguarding, prevention measures, and what we can do as an organisation to uphold the principles of Safeguarding....

Training Courses (Docebo)

Introduction to the HCV and HCS Approaches

12 December 2022

This course is an introductory course to the HCV and HCS approaches. It is composed of 4 lessons. By the end of this course, you will be able to: Demonstrate an understanding of the HCV and HCS approachesUnderstand the use of both...

Training Courses (Docebo)

Protecting HCVs in Landscapes

5 December 2022

This course was jointly prepared by the High Conservation Value Network (HCVN) and Proforest. It was developed as part of the Proforest Production Landscape Program (PLP) which is supported by the International Climate Initiative...

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Respecting the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

6 April 2022

Level: Introductory. Duration of Course: 2 hours.This course is designed for people working in the agricultural commodity sector (e.g. in companies, government agencies, NGOs or civil society organisations, etc.) who wish to gain...

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Penilaian Dampak Sosial

23 June 2021

Level: Introductory. Duration of course: 3 hours. Social Impact Assessment atau Penilaian Dampak Sosial merupakan studi yang dilakukan untuk mengetahui apakah suatu proyek dapat mempengaruhi secara sosial. Beberapa sertifikasi...

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Pengenalan Konsep FPIC

22 June 2021

Level: Introductory. Duration of Course: 2 hours. FPIC (Free, Prior, Informed Consent) atau lebih dikenali sebagai "Kesepakatan Bebas, Diawal dan Diinformasikan (KBDD)" adalah rangkaian hak-hak asasi manusia bagi masyarakat adat...

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