27 March 2023

Introduction to Responsible Business


Introduction to Responsible Business

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Level: Introductory. 

Duration of course: 2 hours. 

"Our company produces quality products and services competitively - that creates jobs and supports the local economy; so that's already positive. Why should we do more?" 

"Aren't human rights something the government is responsible for protecting?"

"We have some great corporate social responsibility initiatives with local communities already - isn't this enough?" 

This course is designed to help you answer these questions and learn about why addressing human rights issues is good for business; in particular for businesses that grow, process or trade agricultural and forest products.

It introduces the learner to the concept of securing long-term business success through enhanced social sustainability in their operations and supply chains. 

This course is designed for those who have a professional interest in sustainability issues in agricultural commodities production in tropical countries. 

These may include:


  • Senior staff in agricultural commodity companies (plantations, mills, refineries, manufacturers) within the private sector
  • Industry/trade organisations
  • Civil society organizations/NGOs/Workers associations 
  • National government and Senior local government staff

By the end of this course you will be able to: 

1) Explain what responsible business is

2) Give examples of why responsible business is good for companies

3) Describe how a company can identify human rights issues and prioritise them 

4) Give examples of how a company can take action to address human rights and social issues 

5) Describe what is meant by stakeholder engagement and why it is important

6) List the qualities that make a good grievance or complaints mechanism

If you have any queries about this course or other courses, please write to: proforestacademy@proforest.net