What we do

At Proforest our vision is to help people produce and source agricultural and forest commodities responsibly. That’s why we support companies throughout supply chains to have positive social and environmental outcomes for people, nature and climate in the places where commodities are produced.​

To drive real change, we believe that companies and other stakeholders need to take action both within and beyond their supply chains. We support this in three ways:​

Within Supply Chains: Responsible Production and Sourcing

Through our consultancy work we help companies to work with their suppliers to implement responsible sourcing and production practices, across a broad range of agricultural commodities and forest products.

Beyond Supply Chains: Landscape Initiatives​

We work at a landscape level to bring stakeholders together to collectively address systemic issues at scale in the places where commodities are grown.

Global / Industry Collaboration and Engagement

We build capacity and facilitate multistakeholder platforms and collaborations between companies, NGOs, governments and civil society.

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