Effective collaboration

Multi-stakeholder initiatives

We work with many different multi-stakeholder initiatives ranging from regional partnerships such as the African Palm Oil Initiative that involves governments, companies and NGOs from ten countries, to long-term support for voluntary sustinability standards and roundtables such as RSPO, RTRS,RA, Bonsucro and Landscale, as well as cross-sectoral good practice initiatives such as AFi and the HCV Resource Network.

Landscape Initiatives

Many environmental and social goals can only be delivered through multi-stakeholder collaboration between stakeholders in the landscapes where commodities are produced. We help bring together companies, governments, communities, NGOs and other stakeholders to align their activities in support of forest conservation, community engagement, land rights, smallholder inclusion and other key outcomes. We also help individual companies to work with emerging landscape initiatives and jurisdictional approaches in production areas as well as working with many partners on developing more effective ways to design, deliver and monitor landscape initiatives.

Company Collaboration

By acting together to address common problems within a sector, companies have greater leverage to create change. From production landscapes to downstream supply chain companies, we encourage and facilitate collaboration between companies to align objectives and work together pre-competitively. We actively engage and lead work with initiatives like the Consumer Goods Forum’s Forest Positive Coalition of Action, the Soft Commodities Forum and the Palm Oil Collaboration Group.   

  • Barry Callebaut
    Barry Callebaut
  • General Mills
    General Mills
  • Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA)
    Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA)
  • China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals and Chemical (CCCMC)
    China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals and Chemical (CCCMC)
  • Apical
  • Mewah
  • Neste
  • Viterra (formerly Glencore)
    Viterra (formerly Glencore)
  • Nisshin Oillio
    Nisshin Oillio
  • ISF
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