15 July 2020




We have been working to support the world’s largest food and beverage company Nestlé to develop tools, methodologies and strategies to achieve its sustainable sourcing commitments, in particular in the context of Nestlé’s Forest Positive strategy, Human Rights Framework and Roadmap and produced sustainably definition. This work has focused on Nestlé’s soy, palm oil, meat, poultry and eggs, and coconut supply chains.

Activities have included providing input and advice on policies and strategies; supply chain data collection, data analysis and visualisation; Environmental and Human Rights Due Diligence processes definition; supplier engagement; site assessments; training and capacity building on topics such as HCV identification and management; responsible recruitment; and monitoring and reporting on progress.  
In addition, we work with Nestlé on landscape-level initiatives, such as the Mexico Palm Oil Holistic Programme and a programme working with smallholders for sustainable sugarcane production in the Philippines. We also work with Nestlé on multiple collaborative and sectoral initiatives aiming to develop common approaches across all supply chain actors.  

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