4 July 2020

Design and Assessment Framework of Landscape initiatives


Design and Assessment Framework of Landscape initiatives

Proforest is supporting global landscape platforms including IDH VSA and Landscale to developing guidance on best practices to design a landscape programme (or Compact under the IDH VSA model) as well as approaches to assess and measure progress related to the implementation of landscape programmes. This includes providing guidance on how to set up multi-stakeholder governance structures, goals and outcomes of the landscape programme as well as indicators for monitoring progress against those. 

For social related goals and outcomes, Proforest, jointly with Landscale and IDH is facilitating a process to seek input from human rights and social expert organisations to co-design an approach for identifying and prioritising social and human rights issues at landscape level. This approach aims to empower local initiatives in prioritising issues to address and monitor whilst ensuring that interests of most vulnerable groups are considered. 

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