5 January 2021

Helping producers achieve RSPO certification


Proforest provides step wise support to companies to meet RSPO certification requirements and produce commodities in a responsible manner. 

In 2014, working with Solidaridad under the Sustainable West African Palm Oil Programme, we supported Benso Oil Palm Plantation (BOPP), a subsidiary of Wilmar Africa, to become the first oil palm company in Africa to achieve RSPO certification. In subsequent years they have been joined by Norpalm Ghana Ltd and Twifo Oil Palm Plantation. The Ghanaian Oil Palm Development Company (GOPDC) and Presco Nigeria Limited (both subsidiaries of the SIAT) were also supported independently and are both RSPO certified. In each case we conducted baseline and gap assessments of the company’s compliance with the RSPO standard and provided support to close all identified gaps. To date each company in Africa which has achieved RSPO certification has done so with the support of Proforest.