16 November 2020

Mewah responsible sourcing support

Mewah responsible sourcing support

Proforest SEA has been supporting two refineries of Mewah in Peninsular Malaysia for various types of responsible sourcing and sustainability works, ranging from policy review, suppliers engagement and capacity building programmes, to risk and prioritisation assessment. The support provided by Proforest SEA to Mewah is mainly through AAK, one of Mewah's palm oil buyer. A few series of palm oil mills sustainability assessments has also been carried out for some selected mills in Mewah's Peninsular Malaysia supply base from 2015 until now. Proforest SEA also plays an important role to provide strategic advice and technical supports to Mewah’s sustainability team as well as to Mewah's suppliers on NDPE commitments. Currently, Mewah is seeking technical support from Proforest SEA to conduct palm oil traceability verification activities and also expressed their interest to participate in FFB dealers engagement initiative that is currently led by Proforest SEA

Categories: Southeast Asia, Palm oil

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