13 August 2020

Procedures to remediate serious human rights issues


Procedures to remediate serious human rights issues

Alongside our CORE partner, Daemeter we have worked with Wilmar, a palm oil refiner, grower and trader, to develop a procedure for how their suppliers should address serious non-compliances with Wilmar’s ‘No Exploitation’ policies. The protocol covers the most serious non-compliances in relation to respecting workers’ rights, Indigenous Peoples’ rights, community rights and land rights, and human rights defenders. It lays out how Wilmar’s suppliers should implement corrective actions, undertake remediation, address systemic change and report on progress. 

To strengthen the protocol development process, we created a technical working group including labour rights specialist Verité and land rights specialist Landesa to work alongside Proforest, Daemeter, Wilmar and Earthworm. We also managed two rounds of public consultation reaching out to international stakeholders for comment and holding workshop with Indonesian NGOs working on land and labour rights, whose input greatly enhanced the work. 

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