17 November 2020

Support on Sustainable Natural Rubber for CCCMC

Support on Sustainable Natural Rubber for CCCMC

Proforest has been supporting CCCMC on the development of indicators for Sustainable Natural Rubber (SNR) Guidance during the1st Phase of InFIT programme by working together with expert group and InFIT Programme Management Office (PMO) from 2017-2018. We continue to support CCCMC on the 2nd Phase of InFIT programme by carrying out benchmarking work of SNR Guidance against industry and international standards. Both organisations will develop the implementation tools on scoring system and verification protocol jointly. The scoring system will allow the users to conduct risk assessment for its own operations in plantation or processing plant based on the standard set of indicators developed. On the other hand, the verification protocol will allow the scoring results to be verified by 2nd or 3rd party organisations which include buyers, NGOs as well as certification bodies. Subsequently, both tools will be field tested at a rubber plantation and processing plant in the Africa region. The outcome of the field testing activities will be used to further improve the tools so it can disseminate relevant deliverable. Proforest SEA will also be sharing on the methodologies of the scorecard system and verification protocol during one of the slots in the rubber online workshop that is scheduled to be held on the 3rd December 2020.

Categories: Southeast Asia, Rubber

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