16 December 2021

Supporting the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber


Supporting the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber

The Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR) is an international, multistakeholder organisation whose members include smallholder producers; natural rubber processors; tyre makers and car makers; and civil society organisations. As an affiliate member, Proforest participates in some of the working groups and acts as a technical consultant.

In 2021, Proforest and sustainability consultant Liza Murphy were commissioned by GPSNR to conduct an environmental risk assessment of natural rubber production and processing, in terms of land use change, biodiversity, water quality and availability, soil quality, air quality and climate change. This wide-ranging report focused on 16 rubber-producing countries. It included global and country-level risk assessments and provided recommendations for monitoring and mitigating them.

The report above complements Proforest’s additional work supporting GPSNR with assurance model and implementation guidance development, in order to achieve its mission to support the social, environmental and economic sustainability of the global natural rubber value chain. Proforest developed the guidance and facilitated the stakeholder consultations jointly with GPSNR Policy Toolbox Working Group and Secretariat. It was completed in July 2021 and handed over to the Working Group for finalisation and approval by their Executive Committee.

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