23 October 2020

The Siak and Pelalawan Landscape Programme (SPLP)

The Siak and Pelalawan Landscape Programme (SPLP)

Proforest, together with Daemeter as part of CORE, is supporting 8 palm oil sourcing companies in meeting their commitments of sourcing deforestation and exploitation free palm oil from the districts of Siak and Pelalawan, in Sumatra, Indonesia. The 8 companies, including Cargill, Danone, GAR, L’Oreal, Musim Mas, Neste, PepsiCo and Unilever, aim to meet their commitments through the design of a landscape programme that is supporting the district governments in progressing their agenda’s on the Green Growth district (Siak) and implementation of the Sustainable Palm oil National Action Plan in Indonesia (Pelalawan). CORE and the Coalition of 8 companies are closely collaborating with key partners including LTKL, Sedagho Siak (a consortium of local and international NGOs WRI, Winrock, Elang, Jikalahari) and ASSPUK in meeting their and the district government objectives on moving towards responsible palm production.  

Categories: Southeast Asia, Palm oil

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