21 October 2020

Understanding how companies can participate in Ghana


Understanding how companies can participate in Ghana

When discussing their role in landscape initiatives, companies need to ensure they understand all governance structures and requirements around their role. In Ghana, numerous cocoa companies are working with the Ghana Cocoa-Forest REDD+ Programme in nine Hotspot Intervention Areas (HIAs) across the cocoa-growing region. In order to be recognised as an implementing partner, companies need to comply with the established requirements that govern how they can engage in an HIA.

To gain recognition, companies need to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Ghana Forestry Commission. This may be based on a planned or existing investment by the company or a consortium of companies in any of the HIAs in Ghana.

The agreement, known as a tripartite framework, is arranged between the consortium of external stakeholders comprising companies, a convener and relevant government institutions; the HIA Landscape Management Board; and the Ghana Cocoa Board. Before an agreement can be signed, partners need to carry out a landscape assessment and develop a landscape governance structure to ensure that the interests of all partners are fully reflected in the management plan.

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