In order to deliver socially and environmentally responsible sourcing commitments, companies need to understand where the commodities they buy are produced. This is often complex, as there may be many different stages between farmers and the direct supplier.

Our responsible sourcing consultancy

Proforest supports companies through this journey within its ACRES framework: Agricultural Commodity Responsible Production and Sourcing, guiding companies through five steps (view our services by clicking on each step):

Responsible sourcing & production

  • Strategy and policy

    Strategy and policy

    • Setting company responsible sourcing strategy
    • Developing and updating company policies
  • Understand the supply base

    Understand the supply base

    • Supply chain mapping and traceability
    • Social and environmental risk assessment and prioritisation
  • Plan interventions

    Plan interventions

    • Developing timebound implementation plans and commodity roadmaps
  • Engage within and beyond supply chains

    Engage within and beyond supply chains

    • Supplier performance assessment, prioritisation and engagement
    • Advice and support on certification
    • Support for landscape engagement and upstream projects
    • Sectoral engagement
  • Monitoring and reporting

    Monitoring and reporting

    • Support with monitoring systems and KPIs
    • External progress reporting

Strategy and policy | Understand the supply base | Plan interventions | Engage within and beyond supply chains | Monitor and report

We encourage companies to take action within and beyond their own supply chains. Within their supply chains, they can act individually and in collaboration with other supply chain companies to engage suppliers and address issues. Beyond their supply chain they can support landscape or sector initiatives in production origins.