Claire Reboah

Claire Reboah

Project Manager – Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives

Claire has an interdisciplinary background in environmental sciences, social sciences and communication, with a focus on multi-stakeholder engagement and facilitation as well as conflict management. 

After studying biology at the University of Sussex, she obtained an MSc in Environmental Communication from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala. As part of her studies, she worked on several projects involving multiple stakeholders concerned with green infrastructure and wind energy. Claire has also gained experience in Ecuador and Colombia where she joined local NGOs working on the conservation of the brown-headed spider monkey by involving local communities and promoting the sustainable agriculture of cocoa.

At Proforest she works in our Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives team supporting facilitation of processes and has been involved in projects with Voluntary Sustainability Standards such as RSPO, GPSNR, LandScale and RTRS. She was part of the team involved in the GIZ FONAP research study on the impacts of palm oil certification. She has dual French/British nationality and is bilingual. She is also proficient in Spanish.

Categories: Technical, Europe

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