Mila Nuh

Mila Nuh

Regional Landscape Coordinator

Mila is a stakeholder engagement enthusiast and learning facilitator to bring collective awareness of multi-stakeholders through mindfulness practice to the field of system thinking and system changes for sustainability.

She co-facilitates some leadership programs for sustainable natural resource movements with United in Diversity (UiD), Change.Org Indonesia and Women’s Earth Alliance Indonesia, among others. She is a fellow of IDEAS 5.0 Indonesia, a join program of Sloan School of Management Executive Leadership MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA & UiD Indonesia for innovative collective leadership in complex system.

Previously, she also has worked with organizations like Sustainable Development Foundation/LEAD Indonesia, WWF Indonesia, Partnership for Governance Reform, the Centre for People and Forest (RECOFTC), HIVOS Southeast Asia, the Indonesian REDD+ Task Force-President’s Delivery Unit for Development Monitoring and Oversight (UKP4), IDH-Sustainable Trade Initiative Indonesia, and other development agencies on sustainable resource management related programs/projects, like the World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

She earned her master’s degrees from Southeast Asian Studies Program and Environmental Policy and Planning, both from Ohio University, Athens, USA.

In her spare time, she swims and enjoys nature through trekking and hiking. She is also a food enthusiast; she enjoys cooking local foods using local ingredients to support local farmers products.  When pandemic hits the world,  she started her home-based food business to promote sago-the staple food of Papuans- as an alternative local  food to support food security movement in responding to climate change.

Categories: Technical, Southeast Asia

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