Landscape initiatives

Many challenges like deforestation, water management, land conflicts, labour rights and smallholder support need to be collectively addressed by the government, local communities, producers, civil society and supply chain companies. Individual companies can be islands of good practice, but delivering positive environmental and social outcomes at scale requires collaboration. 

By helping companies to understand their supply base, identify priority landscapes where they should engage, know what support they can provide and work through a process of practical engagement with local initiatives in those landscapes, we can set good practice in motion. And by bringing together companies and other stakeholders within production landscapes, we can help them align their activities and interventions to have a bigger impact.

We also provide technical support to landscape and jurisdictional initiatives, such as baseline assessments or action plan development. As many landscape and jurisdictional initiatives are in their infancy, we work with numerous organisations and expert groups to help define what makes a good landscape or jurisdictional initiative, and how progress towards positive environmental and social outcomes can be measured at the landscape level. 


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