21 June 2021

Human Rights Defenders: Guidance for Companies


Human Rights Defenders: Guidance for Companies

Attacks on defenders working to address the negative environmental and human rights impacts of business are increasing across the globe. Human Rights Defenders can be individuals or organisations, such as campaigners, trade unionists, indigenous communities, whistle-blowers or journalists. 

Companies committed to respecting human rights in their own operations and  in their value chains need to understand more about human rights defenders. They are often at greater risk of infringement of their rights because of their active engagement in protecting human rights or protesting abuses. 

Strong human rights policy commitments are becoming more common, as are human rights assessments of agricultural commodity supply chains. What is needed next are action plans to address any issues identifies, as well as tracking the effectiveness of actions. 

Proforest has published guidance for companies in agricultural commodity supply chains to help them give specific recognition of risks faced by human rights defenders, and to include them in risk assessments and then take relevant actions to protect them.