20 October 2022

Proforest at Innovation Forum’s Sustainable Landscapes and Commodities Forum


Proforest at Innovation Forum’s Sustainable Landscapes and Commodities Forum

Hear from Proforest experts, 1 – 2 November, Amsterdam 

Proforest has been working with companies, communities and governments on landscape and jurisdictional approaches to address systemic issues including deforestation, water management, land conflicts, labour rights and smallholder support. 

In addition to working within their own supply chains, companies are increasingly investing beyond supply chains in landscape initiatives, as a way to meet global commitments and scale positive impacts. 

At this year’s Sustainable Landscapes and Commodities Forum, Veronique Bovee, Deputy Director – Responsible Sourcing at Proforest, will be on a panel with PepsiCo and Earthworm entitled: “How do we scale – and communicate – the landscape approach to sourcing?” 

She will be drawing on Proforest’s experiences in setting up and implementing landscape initiatives in a number of regions and commodities. Some of the questions the panel will be discussing include what is standing in the way of companies incorporating the landscape approach into their sourcing practices and how to establish and communicate the right incentives, measurements, and financing mechanisms. 

Later in the day, Daleba Kpenahi who leads Proforest’s landscape work in Côte d’Ivoire, will join Pascale Bonzom, Global Project Manager, UNDP Food and Agricultural Commodities Systems, and Andrea Azevedo, Director of JBS Amazon Fund, to talk about: “Social opportunity: Why tackling deforestation and landscape initiatives involves better understanding of local incentives.” 

He will bring experience from the San Pedro region of Côte d’Ivoire. With a population of almost a million people across the city and many villages, the region of San-Pédro is our largest landscape programme. Proforest works to ensure that all of the activity is built on collaboration, bringing together government, private sector, NGOs, civil society and local and indigenous communities, including the many smallholder farmers who work in the landscape. 

You can listen to three Innovation Forum podcasts on landscape approaches in the run-up to the forum:

  • Leadership for landscapes and forests: integrating actions and stakeholders - In a talk with Ian Welsh, Proforest's Abraham Baffoe and Mike Senior discuss what good policies look like to ensure producer voices are heard, create incentives and transparency, and mitigate unintended consequences hindering progress.
  • What does landscape approach delivery actually look like? - Proforest's Mike Senior and Abraham Baffoe discussed how landscape approaches can work in practice. Speaking also about the leadership that is necessary from grower country governments, and why science-based targets for nature are going to be a key future innovation.
  • Delivering successful landscape outcomes for Indonesia’s forests - In this podcast, Proforest's Veronique Bovee and Mila Nuh talk about why preserving forests and ecosystems can mean adopting a pragmatic approach in working landscapes. Discussing some of the challenges encountered in Indonesia, the importance of collaboration with indigenous communities and how transparency fosters trust. 

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