8 February 2022

The Sungai Linau Landscape Conservation and Livelihoods Programme (SLP)


The Sungai Linau Landscape Conservation and Livelihoods Programme (SLP)

The Sungai Linau Landscape Conservation and Livelihoods Programme (SLP) is a collaboration between the public and private sector in Riau, Indonesia, coordinated by a partnership between Proforest and Daemeter known as CORE. The programme aims to support community-based land use development and strengthen village members’ livelihoods, while protecting HCV (high conservation value) and HCS (high carbon stock) forest and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through forest and peat protection.

The location is Sungai Linau: a village approximately 14,000 hectares in size, of which two thirds of the land is forested (peat swamp forest) and the remaining third is agricultural land, mostly used for palm production. The programme intends to expand into three neighbouring villages.

After completing an assessment of the social and environmental context in Sungai Linau and developing a land use plan with local community members (Phase 1), the programme has moved on to Phase 2, a three-year plan. Phase 2 activities include a reforestation and agroforestry trial; human rights and economic impact assessment and monitoring; the installation of water management system; and training for fire and water management (see photo), among many other activities.

The SLP is supported by a coalition of companies (Cargill, IFF, PepsiCo, Nestlé, Musim Mas, Asia Pulp & Paper) and grant funding from UK Aid via the UK government's Forest Governance, Markets and Climate programme. The on-the-ground implementation is supported by two village facilitators and two local civil society organisations.

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