2 maio 2024

Proforest joins the International Platform for Insetting (IPI)


Quote Isabella Freire

Proforest has become a member of the International Platform for Insetting (IPI) and is looking forward to contrbuting to the future of insetting.

“Now more than ever, our clients are working to meet their net-zero and deforestation and conversion free (DCF) commitments, engaging in landscape and jurisdictional initiatives, and implementing regenerative agricultural practices that foster soil health, nutrient retention, and overall ecosystem resilience. We are really pleased to join the IPI and to be part of the future direction of insetting, ensuring that all insetting work we undertake with clients has real and tangible impact on the ground in the landscapes where commodities are produced.”

Isabella Freire, Co-Director, Latin America

For more information on becoming a member of IPI please see https://www.insettingplatform.com/contact-us/#becoming-a-member