A lot of our work is done in collaboration and partnership with other organisations, so may not be available on our own website. So we have curated a number of thematic collections below, with links to resources, guidance and training that Proforest has helped support and/or develop. 

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Our toolkits

The Responsible Sourcing Toolkits provide a practical, accessible resource for companies to use in training, developing strategy, and supporting implementation of commitments:

Visit the Soy Toolkit

Visit the Palm Oil Toolkit

Visit the Beef Toolkit

Our Infographics

Gallery of infographics illustrating sustainability challenges together with interventions that can drive positive impacts.

Human Rights

ONLINE RESOURCE: Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) Library of Tools

Hosted by the Palm Oil Collaboration Group (POCG) this digital library provides links to a range of HRDD tools for downstream and upstream companies in the palm oil sector.

Category: Human Rights

ELEARNING COURSE: An Introduction to Safeguarding

Learn about the definitions and core commitments of Safeguarding, prevention measures, and what we can do as an organisation to uphold the principles of Safeguarding in this free one-hour course.

Category: Human Rights

ELEARNING COURSE: Respecting the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

Two-hour introductory course designed for those working in the agricultural commodity sector wishing to gain a basic understanding of who IPs and LCs are, their rights, and what they should be doing in their work to ensure these groups' rights are respected.

Category: Human Rights


ELEARNING COURSE: Introduction to RSPO Independent Smallholder Standards

Learn more about the RSPO group certification scheme in this online course.

Category: Smallholders

SHARP: A Retrospective

Proforest served as the global secretariat for the SHARP partnership from 2013 to 2019. This document outlines some of the key highlights of the partnership during that time.

Categories: Smallholders, Palm oil, Soy, Rubber

Smallholder engagement

This document is part of a series of briefing notes about responsible sourcing and production.

Category: Smallholders

Baseline studies of successful models for sustainable smallholder development

Baseline studies review of some of the models of smallholder production, ranging from independent farmers or cooperatives to large-scale schemes funded by governments or the private sector.

Categories: Smallholders, Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia

BLOG: Keeping smallholders in supply chains – and deforestation out

Ruth Nussbaum discusses how we can help smallholders adopt high conservation values

Category: Smallholders

BLOG: Mobile technology helps smallholder oil palm farmers move towards sustainability

Proforesters Mike Senior, Bella Sosa and Sophie Higman share insight on how mobile technology is helping smallholders in this Global Forest Watch blog

Supplier Engagement

FRAMEWORK: Responsible Sourcing in practice: Supplier engagement

Proforest has developed a framework of good practice within which companies can implement their own programme. This briefing summarises Proforest’s approach to supplier engagement.

Category: Responsible Sourcing & Production

TOOLKIT: Soy: Engage Suppliers

The aim of this element is: to provide companies with resources to engage and improve suppliers’ programmes; to work collaboratively on complex issues through at-scale initiatives beyond company’s individual supply chains

Category: Responsible Sourcing & Production

PUBLICATION: Engaging suppliers: working with suppliers to implement responsible sourcing commitments for soy

This briefing note is part of the ‘Responsible Sourcing: A Soy Toolkit'. It relates to element 3 (Engage suppliers) of the 5-element approach for sourcing environmentally and socially sustainable soy.

Category: Responsible Sourcing & Production

WEBINAR: Soytoolkit

Series of webinars developed for companies for each of the elements of the responsible sourcing process.

Category: Responsible Sourcing & Production

FRAMEWORK: Responsible supply chain management: Best practices

Accountability Framework Webinar on responsible supply chain management: Best practices

Category: Responsible Sourcing & Production


ELEARNING COURSE: Gender Inclusion in Agro-commodity Production

PF-Academy has created this e-learning course to enhance the levels of understanding, sensitivity and skills for gender issues amongst key stakeholders within commodity sectors.

Categories: Gender, Landscape Approaches

Gender Equality Guidance Paper: Projects to Implement Responsible Production

This document is part of a series of four gender equality guidance papers.

Category: Gender

PUBLICATION: Gender Equality Guidance Paper for Fieldwork

Part of a series of internal Gender Equality Guidance paper we developed on our approach.

Category: Gender

Gender and Social Inclusion Analysis of Customary Practices in Oil Palm Producing Areas and the Africa Palm Oil Initiative process in Ghana

Ghana’s national platform conducted a Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) analysis to understand how gender sensitive (or otherwise) the APOI process has been in the country.

Categories: Gender, Human Rights, Africa Palm Oil Initiative, Africa

PUBLICATION: Gender Equality Guidance Paper for Facilitating Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives

As part of our approach we developed a series of internal Gender Equality Guidance papers. These papers aim to provide a rationale and recommendations - developed by and for colleagues - on how to integrate women’s rights and gender equality into our projects and identify opportunities for gender sensitisation and/ or transformation in this work.

Categories: Gender, Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives

PUBLICATION: Gender Equality Guidance Paper for Responsible Sourcing Projects

As part of our approach we developed a series of internal Gender Equality Guidance papers. These papers aim to provide a rationale and recommendations - developed by and for colleagues - on how to integrate women’s rights and gender equality into our projects and identify opportunities for gender sensitisation and/or transformation in this work.

Category: Gender

Landscape Approaches


Two-part course covering the concept of Free, Prior and Informed Concent (FPIC) and key steps within the FPIC process

Category: Landscape Approaches

Engaging with landscape initiatives: A practical guide for supply chain companies in Indonesia

This is part of a series of documents about engaging with landscape initiatives.

Categories: Landscape Approaches, Landscapes, Southeast Asia

WEBSITE: Siak & Pelalawan Landscape Programme

The Siak-Pelalawan Landscape Programme (SPLP) is a private sector-driven initiative in the districts of Siak and Pelalawan in Riau province, Indonesia

Category: Landscape Approaches

ONLINE RESOURCE: The Holistic Program

The Holistic Program is a collaborative effort between the companies Oleopalma, PepsiCo, Femexpalma, Nestlé, Proforest and RSPO to support the sustainable development of the Mexican palm oil sector

Category: Landscape Approaches

REPORT: Agrovita (PepsiCo Mexico)

PepsiCo's Sustainability Report

Category: Landscape Approaches

International Climate Initiative (IKI) programme

Linking ‘no-deforestation’ supply chains and national climate mitigation initiatives

Category: Landscape Approaches

CASE STUDY: How companies collaborate and engage

Siak Pelalalwan Landscape Programme

Category: Landscape Approaches

PHOTO STORY: Côte D’Ivoire Insights

A photo story on capacity building in the landscape

Categories: Landscape Approaches, Landscapes

PHOTO STORY: Ghana Insights

A photo story on capacity building in a Hotspot Intervention Area

Categories: Landscape Approaches, Landscapes

CASE STUDY: Developing a deforestation-free climate resilient sustainable cocoa landscape

A case study narrative on Ghana’s Asunafo-Asutifi Landscape programme.

Category: Landscape Approaches

Policy Work

PAPER: Raising the bar for measuring compliance: NDPE Implementation Framework improves transparency

Cargill collaborates to develop, test and scale a new reporting model for the palm oil industry

PUBLICATION: Engagement Principles for the Ghana Cocoa Forest REDD+ Program

Guidance overview of the environmental and social issues inherent int he production of agriculture and forest commodities in the production landscape

BLOG: Developing a policy in palm oil and cocoa production in Peru

As part of our Production Landscape Programme, funded by the International Climate Initiative (IKI), sustainable palm oil production and cocoa is on the national agenda in Peru

POLICY PAPER: EU regulation on deforestation-free products

IDH / Proforest paper on recommendations for a forest positive impact re. EU regulation on deforestation-free products

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