4 May 2022

Achieving inclusive governance in GCFRP implementation in Ghana

Achieving inclusive governance in GCFRP implementation in Ghana

The Hotspot Intention Area (HIA) approach has been adopted for the implementation of programme activities under the Ghana Cocoa Forest REDD+ Programme (GCFRP) especially at the landscape level. Beginning in 2020, processes were initiated towards the development and effective management of the Asunafo-Asutifi (A-A) HIA into a functional landscape programme. Compared with other HIAs being developed, processes and approaches for developing and managing the A-A HIA stand out; with strong involvement of key government agencies i.e. the Forestry Commission (FC) and the COCOBOD working in concert with private sector companies, the HIA Management Board (HMB), civil society organisations (CSOs), and Traditional Authorities (TAs) amongst others. The multi-stakeholder approach to landscape management is a novelty in Ghana that is evolving within a geographically unique and dynamic environment; and therefore, requires constant learning from experiences to shape decisions and strategies towards the ultimate HIA vision. However, there is limited information on case studies for experiences and lessons that could guide the development of the A-A HIA into a landscape programme with multistakeholder participation, processes, partnerships, and collaborative arrangements for successful development and management of the landscape. The multi-stakeholder collaborative approach for the development of the A-A HIA into a functional landscape programme therefore stands as the first of its kind and an obvious success story.
Documenting the processes, approaches, challenges and lessons in setting up a multi-stakeholder partnership for this landscape programme will provide an invaluable lesson for similar initiatives in Ghana and beyond. This report therefore documents challenges, experiences and lessons which are necessary to inform the development and management of similar landscapes in Ghana, and elsewhere.

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