9 September 2022

Landscape Reporting Framework

Landscape Reporting Framework

Companies have embraced engagement in landscape initiatives, investing beyond individual supply chains to deliver on their sustainable sourcing commitments and deliver forest and people positive impact. These companies are keen to report transparently on the actions they support and to make linkages to how these actions contribute to meeting their commitments.

We identified an opportunity to provide an 'umbrella' framework that can be used as a complement to other individual metrics and frameworks. The framework has been built on existing landscape-level assessments and reporting frameworks as much as possible, to incorporate the work that has already been done and applied on the ground.

The Landscape Reporting Framework has been developed by Proforest and ISEAL at the joint request of PepsiCo, Nestlé and Unilever, to recognise that delivering landscape level outcomes is a journey that takes time and enables reporting on interventions and projects delivering these longer-term outcomes. The initial outline of the framework has been developed in consultation with the various landscape initiatives the companies are supporting and investing in. 

The framework will continue to evolve with a set of core metrics for each phase. It will also be supplemented with modules on land and communities (currently being developed) and human rights for workers. 

If you are interested in using the Landscape Reporting Framework and sharing your feedback with Proforest and ISEAL please contact Veronique Bovee (Veronique@proforest.net).

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