Lidia Della Venezia

Lidia Della Venezia

Senior Data Analyst

Lidia has a background in biology, with an MSc in biodiversity and evolution. Originally from Italy, she completed her PhD in invasive species ecology at McGill University in Montreal, where she built risk assessment models for potentially invasive aquarium fish species. Her thesis work helped her develop her statistical analysis and data skills.

After graduation, she worked for about 3 years as a data insight analyst in the energy sector, developing and managing energy efficiency databases of commercial and domestic properties and informing strategies to improve efficiency, prioritise vulnerable communities and reduce fuel poverty. Recently, she has been looking into transitioning back to her original fields of interest, namely social and environmental sustainability and conservation, and enthusiastically took the opportunity to join Proforest. 

Lidia is fluent in Italian, English and Spanish, with some working knowledge of French.

Category: Europe

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