Working together within the landscape

Some of the biggest challenges can’t be solved alone. ​Landscape or jurisdictional initiatives are fast becoming recognised as a way to address systemic issues, beyond an individual supply chain or sector.

Collaboration between the government, companies and communities, is needed to drive transformational change in deforestation, smallholder livelihoods, respect for Indigenous Peoples and local communities, and labour issues. 

  • We can help to build a business case for investment in landscape initiatives, to understand their supply base and identify priority landscapes. ​
  • We help companies identify the key issues and long-term impact needed, to look at the scale of investment needed, and whether to get involved with existing initiatives, or think about their own, or a collaborative approach. ​
  • We can provide baseline assessments and analysis, and bring together different stakeholders within a landscape to help companies align their activities and interventions to have a bigger impact.​
  • We are also working with companies to understand how to monitor, measure and report actions and impact from landscape programmes, and how to ensure the local ownership and long-term viability of any landscape initiative.

Our landscape initiatives